Bike Ride on Ven

Helsingborg Region

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Bike Ride on Ven

Ven is the legendary island where astronomer Tycho Brahe’s spirit lives on and pink mallow sways in the ditch banks. Bring your bike, or rent one, and experience the island from the saddle. You own the skies and the sea as you pedal along at a leisurely pace. The climate is so mild that durum wheat thrives here. Barley is also grown, and is used to produce the island’s very own whisky at Spirit of Hven Backafallsbyn. Head down to the quay at St Ibb’s Church at lunchtime and buy freshly smoked herrings.

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Here in northwest Skåne we have extra everything! And it's close to everything. It is close to farm shops with award winning sausages, potteries, emerald green golf courses, castles with flowering gardens, freshly baked vanilla hearts, ancient fishing villages and long Sand Beach. Welcome to our home!