Newquay Sports Shop


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Newquay Sports Shop

If you're planning an adventure holiday you should stop by this sports shop. Equip yourself with the latest surfing gear or get a new pair of outdoor shoes. The friendly staff can help you with your choice.


This beach town has a plethora of gift shops and intriguing little shops down charming side streets to give the town a real identity of its own. As you walk eastward from the bus station, you will find the highest concentration of shops along the pedestrian stretches of Manor Road, and the streets north of it up to The Crescent. On Bank Street you will find good independent shops specialising in gifts. Once you have done a loop round the pedestrian area, head back past the bus station and onto East Street where you will find more of Newquay’s own Bargain Hunters and Nice Things then carry on onto Cliff Road for more gifts and bric-a-brac.