Wallåkra Stenkärlsfabrik

Helsingborg Region

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Wallåkra Stenkärlsfabrik

The factory makes traditional stoneware out of clay from its own land. At Wallåkra, you can experience the whole process of making stoneware – from clay deposit to turning and burning to final product. There is also a lovely shop in connection to the old kiln. The premises are also home to a restaurant in one of the warehouses, with a babbling brook running beneath it. Wallåkra is open all year round, with tours, turning and food experiences as well as conference facilities.

Do & See

Here in northwest Skåne we have extra everything! And it's close to everything. It is close to farm shops with award winning sausages, potteries, emerald green golf courses, castles with flowering gardens, freshly baked vanilla hearts, ancient fishing villages and long Sand Beach. Welcome to our home!