Sydkustleden - Landskrona - Helsingborg

Helsingborg Region

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Sydkustleden - Landskrona - Helsingborg

Length 27 km Elevation 190 m Degree of difficultyModerate At just under 17 miles with Landskrona and Helsingborg you can experience lots! From Ålabodarna in the north you will soon come to Borstahusen which is an idyll for itself! This old fishing village dating back to the 18th century has its own fish smokehouse. Here you have a view of Ven! The undulating and beautiful landscape of Glumslöv's slopes is difficult to miss and the thoughts of Tuscany. Just before Helsingborg you come to the picturesque fishing village of Råå. The stage ends in Helsingborg, a continental and vibrant city with a cozy town center. In Helsingborg there are plenty of options for those who are interested in history, beautiful castles, wildlife or beautiful nature. Here you will find the Sofiero castle with a large park garden with over 10,000 rhododendron shrubs. Just outside Helsingborg you will find the open-air museum Fredriksdal.

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Here in northwest Skåne we have extra everything! And it's close to everything. It is close to farm shops with award winning sausages, potteries, emerald green golf courses, castles with flowering gardens, freshly baked vanilla hearts, ancient fishing villages and long Sand Beach. Welcome to our home!