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Horse Riding

Wherever you look in Skåne, you’re bound to see a horse. This is our favourite beast of all. There are many different breeds of horse, and plenty of places where you can ride. As well as the sheer joy of riding, getting up on horseback is a perfect way of coming into close contact with nature, and of covering lots of ground in a short time. Even if you’re a complete beginner, you can go riding through leafy beech forests or along the beach. Amiable Icelandic horses that jog along at a moderate pace are available at Spelmansgården in Ängelholm or Kullabergs Islandshästar. The scenery and rich wildlife of Söderåsen are best enjoyed from a western saddle on a good-natured Haflinger horse from Söderåsens Turridning. Söderåsens Forsgård have activities for everybody and therefore the horse riding and their farm is accessible also for disabled persons. Westfield Hästsafari, between Båstad and Torekov, offers riding at Hovs Hallar, through apple groves and at full gallop. If you’d like to try riding an Ardennes horse, you can do so on Hven. Many of the tours welcome children and novices. All you need to bring is a pair of sturdy shoes. Horses and helmets are available for hire.

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