Helsingborg Concert Hall

Helsingborg Region

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Helsingborg Concert Hall

The Concert Hall is a functional building with acclaimed acoustics and a wide range for both Young and old people with artistic elite, consert hall chorus and not least Helsingborgs own symphony. Helsingborg Symphony Orchestra holds regular concerts in the house where you play both older and more modern classical works. Several invited artists often offers performances of various kinds. Themes may include jazz, 60's music, humor, gospel music and solo performances. They also serve in both preschool and school children in special concerts and performances for children.

Useful Information

  • Address: Roskildegatan 1, Helsingborg
  • Email: konserthuset@helsingborg.se
  • Phone: +46 42 10 42 70
  • More Info: www.helsingborgskonserthus.se

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