Jack's Ridge


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Jack's Ridge

Jack's Ridge is a longstanding Davao establishment and holds somewhat of an iconic status - visitors to the city are often brought here by locals. The restaurant serves scrumptious Filipino food (Davao-style) and offers an unbeatable birds-eye view over the entire city.


Dining out in Davao is an international affair. Restaurants that serve traditional Cantonese style dishes of beautifully prepared seafood, fruit and vegetarian dishes sit surprisingly well with the Mediterranean themed eateries specialising in kebabs, pizzas, mezes, hamburgers, and grills. There are French, Italian, and Indian restaurants too, plus Chinese, Japanese, and Korean. Davao is a culturally diverse city and this is reflected in its vast range of places to eat. Davao is famous for its grilled tuna, known as inihaw, and its version of tuna sashimi called kinilaw. Both should be tried. Here are the best places to eat in Davao, Philippines: