Some Place Else Bar, Restaurant & Coffee Shop


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Some Place Else Bar, Restaurant & Coffee Shop

At this relaxed bar, you can take the chance to try an authentic Egyptian Shisha Pipe. Take a seat in a comfy lounge chair and make your selection from the over 30 flavours. The bar also offers an array of liquors and drinks, including artisan cocktails.

Bars & Nightlife

Nightlife in Davao might not seem quite as vibrant as one would expect from a cosmopolitan city with over a million residents – this may be, partially, due to the alcohol curfew currently imposed here. The curfew forbids the sale and consumption of alcohol in public places between midnight and 8 am - a regulation that has forced many business owners to convert bars into restaurants and massage parlours, a transformation most noticeable in Torres Street - the former Davao nightlife hot-spot. However, some popular evening venues still in operation do include jazz clubs and piano bars, excellent restaurants with live music, and even nightclubs, leaving visitors with quite a few options to choose from.