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Spread over a few floors each with its own vibe and music genre to be played, Rust is a popular nightclub venue located in the upcoming area of Nørrebro. Expect to hear indie rock and pop, as well as hip hop and electronic music, you'll have much to pick from! Regular live shows are hosted here too.

Bars & Nightlife

Whether you want to dance till the sun comes up or just have a beer or two with some friends, Copenhagen has plenty of establishments to choose from, ranging from laid-back bars to posh upscale clubs. Copenhageners love to go out – especially on the weekends. Cocktails are popular, and you will find several bars where you can enjoy a skilfully crafted drink. If you are more a beer person, Copenhagen offers various pubs, bars, and breweries, too. Each neighbourhood has its own favourite spots, and, apart from downtown, Vesterbro and Nørrebro are the places to be after sundown.